Brooke’s Guacamole


My daughter Brooke made the best guacamole last night. I mean the best I’ve ever tasted and I’ve had a lot of guacamole over the years. Her recipe is below. This plus the beans and chips with a little melted cheese can make a whole meal as far as I’m concerned. Don’t even bother with dinner. Serve with some margaritas and be done with it. The dish is so  lovely you can make it at the table as kind of a performance piece.

Here’s her recipe in her own words: (and I admit I had to email her back and ask what’s a mocajete, though I did guess it was the big mortar and pestle thing she made it in.)


Brooke’s Guacamole

The key to guacamole is the mocajete. After that:

1/2 a jalapeno – finely diced
1/4 onion – finely diced  

2 avocados mashed into the previous two ingredients

handful of chopped tomatoes
1/2 bunch chopped cilantro
1/2 lime squeezed on top
Stir these 3 ingredients into the avocado mixture [fold in with a fork]

Serve with black beans mixed with 1 teaspoon adobo sauce from a can of chipotles in adobo + cheddar, heated until cheese melts over chips. [she used handmade tortilla chips from Whole Foods]

and there you go! It’s very forgiving of the proportions.


When I talked to Brooke on the phone this morning getting more exact details,  she said that when Chris, her husband, makes the guacamole he uses garlic, but she made it once when he was out of town, making up her own recipe and left the garlic out.  If you’re a garlic lover, put it in, if not, just onion and the pepper does nicely.

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